Quote1 The Scion. The Other. The Bride. They're... all that matter. Keep them safe. Or this's... all for nothing. Quote2
-- Old Man Spider's last words to Spider-Man (Earth-616) src

Following the death of Peter Parker at the hands of Morlun, Ezekiel Sims carried on in his name as the new Spider-Man.[1] He was one of the numerous spider-people from across the Multiverse recruited by Spider-UK to oppose Morlun and his family, the Inheritors. Ezekiel and Spider-Ham travelled to Sp//dr's universe, and recruited her into Spider-UK's Spider-Army.[2]

Ezekiel Sims (Earth-4) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 10 002


Later, Spider-Man and Spider-UK travelled to Earth-982. They were too late to rescue the Peter Parker of that universe, but managed to recruit the two remaining spider-totems, Spider-Girl and Benjy Parker.[3]

Spider-Man later rescued Ben Reilly and Kaine from the Inheritors,[4] and travelled with them to enlist another group of spider-people led by Spider-Man (Otto Octavius). When Daemos tracked them down, a massive battle ensued, resulting in Octavius killing him. Before Ezekiel could warn the Spider-Armies about the true scope of the conflict, a revived Daemos, accompanied by two of his siblings, caught him off guard and snapped his neck from behind.

Once Silk fled to another universe, leading the Inheritors away from the rest of the Spider-Armies, Ezekiel was revealed to have survived Daemos' attack, but barely. On his deathbed, Ezekiel revealed his identity to the Spider-Man of Earth-616, and ordered him to protect "the Scion," "the Other" and "the Bride." He succumbed to his injury soon after.[1]


Seemingly those of Ezekiel Sims of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Ezekiel Sims of Earth-616.

  • Ezekiel's design is modeled after the uniform worn by the Peter Parker of Earth-312500.
  • His suit is very similar to the one designed by Leo Zelinsky for Earth-616's Spider-Man.

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