Quote1 I am Ezekiel Sims, protector of the Spider-Totem. And you, dear child, will be my successor. Quote2
-- Ezekiel Sims src


Spider-Men (Earth-TRN461) from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game) 092

With the Spider-Men

During the invasion of Earth-TRN461 by the Sinister Six, Ezekiel Sims created his own Spider-Suit and joined Spider-Men.

The Tournament

Ezekiel hosted a contest to find a worthy protector of the Spider-Totem. The winner was Arachno-Man, whom he took under his wing to help him undertake the same ritual that gave himself power.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ezekiel Sims of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ezekiel Sims of Earth-616.

  • Ezekiel's identity hasn't been explored in-game, but rather by livestream pod-casts on Twitch.

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