Assistant to a magician who taught him magic in order to view his own tricks before they were seen by an audience, Ezekiel Wright became an accomplished magician in his own right, joining a group of his fellows at a speakeasy. Though most accepted him as a fellow magician, a single, racist member had a policeman he was friends with frame Ezekiel for assaulting a woman (despite the woman assuring the policeman that the assault had been done by a white man with a European accent). Placing the handcuffs on Ezekiel, the policeman gloated and asked the woman for a date before Ezekiel used his skills to escape the cuffs, punch the policeman, then flee the scene. Utilizing the anonymity that had been forced on him for having a different skin color, he helped others who might be harmed simply because of who they were, becoming the Revenant.[1]

Largely thought a myth in the 30s, he sought out and aided the Operative in his quest to discover who murdered actress Alice Starr[2] (who Revenant had worked alongside during his time as a magician's assistant[1], helping him confront the General[3] and save Alice's sister Sarah Starr from corrupt cops.[2]

Teaming with the Operative and Sarah (as the Aviatrix), the trio began investigating the Board across New York City, eventually tracking the one member of the Board they thought would tell them why Alice was murdered. Arriving at the man's home, they discovered him dead at the hands of new masked vigilante, the Surgeon.[4] Rejecting the Surgeon's brutal methods, the trio continued investigating on their own, before finally tracking the General to Westchester where they confronted him, newly transformed into a werewolf, his ally, the Olympian Nox, and her brood of werewolf children. Outnumbered, the trio were saved by the timely arrival of the Surgeon and his new ally, Achilles, who helped the trio escape. Revenant later spent the night at Aviatrix's place.[1]


  • Able to create illusions, likely through the use of conventional magical tricks.

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