Ezili, also known as Erzulie,[2] or Oshun, was the twin sister of Avlekete, as part of the many pair of divine twins born of the twins Lusa and Mahu. She was the Vodū goddess of love[1] and fertility.[2]

As Erzulie Ge-Rouge, a Voodoo goddess, she was told to wept constantly because no man could love her enough.[4][5]

Modern Age

The cultist Redeyes called herself that way after Erzulie Ge-Rouge,[4][5] but killed all those who proved to love her enough.[5]

Along with Eschu, Ogun, Oya, and Shango, Ezili empowered one of the street-level New York City vigilantes known as the Santerians.[1]

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