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Formerly Inky Blott
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British Intelligence agency
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A British Government agency, it was involved in the investigation of the theft of many objects with unparalleled cultural value being stolen from various museums and shops across the U.K by Necrom, predicted by the Psychic Esper division of F.I.6. It was headed by Brigadier Theobold ‘Inky’ Blott, and employed the superhero Micromax.


Micromax came into conflict with Nightcrawler and his N-men as they mounted a rival investigation with Dai Thomas and the clairvoyant Miss Emilia Witherspoon.[1]

When the psychic esper division of F.I.6 detected a superhuman hiding in a derelict warehouse in the former London docks, Brigadier Blott ordered the F.I.6 mediators, a team of ace special forces, to capture them. However, they came up against Necrom, who drained their life energy to restore himself to full power. As the esper division sense this, Necrom fries them, blowing up the warehouse and their van. Captain Bodie and Brigadier Blott struggle from the rubble, but Necrom absorbs their life energy, leaving only Micromax left. He managed to shrink so fast that Necrom believed he had absorbed his life energy too, and so escaped, being the sole survivor of F.I.6.[2] After the death of Inky Blott and most of his team at the hands of Necrom, F.I.6 was absorbed into the R.C.X..[3]


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