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Iron Man

Appearing in "All-Out Giant Monster Attack!!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Dr. Yamane
  • Unnamed JGSDF general


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "All-Out Giant Monster Attack!!"

While the Fantastic Four and Iron Man battle the monsters that are swarming Tokyo, the Japanese military is called in to assist in containing the massive beasts. While the others go off to fight the monsters, Dr. Yamane suspects that the attacks are caused by something specifically and convinces Mister Fantastic to join him back in his lab. While the Invisible Woman fights the massive ape known as Eerok, Iron Man battles Grogg when even more monsters come off the coast. Iron Man is knocked into the proximity of Droom. When Iron Man tries to get Droom's attention, the creature confuses him with a giant robot he be friended in the past and offers him a "sandwitch" made out of trucks.

While at the lab, Mister Fantastic is shown the mummified corpse of a giant monster as well as ancient writings that might hold the secret to explaining the monster attack. Inside the creature, Reed finds a trachea that will allow him to communicate with the monsters and learn what they are trying to accomplish. While outside, Sue and Iron Man are given an assist from Johnny and Ben who have taken control of the massive Otetsukun robot and use it to drive Eerok and Giganto away, leaving only Droom and Grogg left to deal with. Trying to contain Droom, Iron Man is tricked by the military into leading the monster out into the open where the military kills the creature with their arsenal.

At that moment Reed and Dr. Yamane arrive and Reed uses the tracheo to communicate with Droom. Droom explains to him that the monsters of the world ruled the Earth during the age of the dinosaurs. However when the extinction level meteor struck the Earth, wiping out their food supply, the monsters went dormant. However they awoke again during the atomic age and began trying to conquer the Earth again. But the tide was turned during the dawn of the age of heroes, and the monsters soon found themselves victims of the very humans who they sought to conquer. When Reed asks why they have come to attack, Droom explains that the monsters of this world fear for their lives as the Beast which birth them is coming back to reclaim his domain.

When Reed offers to help stop this "Apocalypse Beast", Droom agrees to cease the monsters rampage. However Droom laughs, telling Reed that he and his people will sit back as the Beast destroys the human rance so that they might reclaim the planet for themselves.


Continuity Notes

  • Mister Fantastic mentions that he and his team were able to defeat Galactus. The team has defeated their foe many times, the first of which occurred in Fantastic Four #4850.

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