Quote1.png I think when I went through that door I kept saying over and over in my mind... I need to go to Tahiti. I need a million dollars. I need a new girlfriend. What do I get? A Jarvis burger and a fruity drink. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

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  • Fist of Hala
  • Other Kree spacecraft
  • Kree asteroid craft
  • Quinjet

Synopsis for "What I Need"

After walking through Eldrac the Inhuman doorway, the members of the Future Foundation have been transported wherever they need to be. Mister Fantastic finds himself transported back home to the Baxter Building.

Meanwhile, aboard the Kree dreadnaught The First of Hala, representatives from the Houses of Vonn, Ra and Lar seek an audience with Ronan the Accuser. They express their displeasure of the Inhumans ruling over them. Ronan agrees with them and orders them to prepare their fleets. Ronan then goes to his wife Crystal to tell her what he has decided and gives her the opportunity to go to her family. However, Crystal states that she has ran from too many of her problems in the past and refuses to do so. She promises to remain by her husband's side, and he promises that they will see magnificent things together.

Back on Earth, Reed tells his wife Sue everything that happened in the Future City. When she comments on Eldrac sending them where they needed to be she remarks how Spider-Man and Nathaniel didn't return home as well, and Reed figures they were needed elsewhere. Sue has already figured that there will be dark days ahead and he promises to be straight with her from here on out and that he will reassemble the team immediately. She then notes that Reed never said what became of Doctor Doom. At that moment in Latveria, an enslaved Doom has brought the alternate Reed Richards to his kingdom. After Richards chides Doom for being so miopic ruling over a simple kingdom, they are interrupted by the arrival of Nathaniel Richards. Reed remarks how he heard of the "Great Game" every Nathaniel Richards in the multiverse was engaged in, remarking how his own father was the Nathaniel Richards who ended up calling himself the Beast. Nathaniel reforms him that he won the Great Game, and that he was brought here by Eldrac. Determining that the door transports people based on need, Reed assumes that Nathaniel was sent because Doom needs him. Nathaniel calls this alternate of his son that he is an idiot, pointing out that he was sent here because Reed needs him.

At that moment at Avengers Mansion, Spider-Man pretty well figures out that Eldrac has sent him here to convince the Thing that he needs to come home because the Future Foundation needs him. While outside of Attilan, an apparent meteor crash lands just outside the Future City. However this is actually a disguised ship containing Ronan and his crew. He offers his wife one last chance to be with her family, however Crystal insists on staying by her husband's side.

Back at the Baxter Building, Reed and Sue wait in the hanger bay for the Thing and Spider-Man to return. Not only do their teammates return, but they have brought some friends, namely Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye of the Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

Ben Grimm returns to the pages of the FF as Ronan the Accuser and the armies of the Kree Empire invade the Earth!


  • This story is reprinted in FF Vol. 2.

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