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Future Franklin Richards

Appearing in "The One Where Power Pack Shows Up"

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Synopsis for "The One Where Power Pack Shows Up"

The Mad Celestials have managed to break through the Bridge and have left the planet surface in order to destroy the Earth. In the ruins of the top three floors of the Baxter Building, Valeria tells the children of the Future Foundation that they created the 28-minute delay that will make all the difference in the battle ahead. While the children start to wonder how they will get off the mountain top, Alex Power has a solution and beings contacting someone. Kristoff Vernard begins digging through the debris looking for his "father", Doctor Doom, but Nathaniel pulls him away. He tells Kristoff that Doom sacrificed his life to buy them the time they needed and convinces him that he needs to focus on the people of Latveria now. Suddenly the Smartship Friday arrives with the Power Pack on board, who have come to rescue Alex and the others.

After they take off, Valeria contacts her father and tells them everything that has happened and tells him to meet her at the Hub -- a base of operations created by the Interdimensional Council of Reeds. As they travel there, Franklin is contacted by his mysterious friend who begins prepping him for the battle that is ahead. When they arrive at the Hub, they find the weapon known as Sol's Anvil is being defended by the evolved Moloids of the Future City. The children are able to destroy the helmets that keep the Moloids in their evolved forms, causing them to revert back to regular Moloids.

With the area cleared, the Power Pack load the Moloids into the Smartship in order to bring them back home. Nathaniel then loads all of the Future Foundation children but his grandchildren in. He instructs Dragon Man that should there be any planetwide cataclysm he is to bring the children into the Negative Zone for safety. With the other children taking off, Franklin's mysterious friend tells him to get ready. Soon Nathaniel and Valeria are working on getting Sol's Anvil operation when the Fantastic Four arrive. Explaining everything that is happening, they get to work to stop the coming Celestials.

Franklin's friend tells the boy to get ready when suddenly the Celestials attack. The resulting attack knocks Franklin out briefly. Franklin finds himself alone against the Celestials, at least initially. His friend tells him that he has arrived and suddenly out of a portal comes the future Franklin and Valeria Richards.

This story is concluded in Fantastic Four #604...

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  • ALL HOPE LIES IN DOOM, PART 4: The Fall of Doom


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