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Johnny Storm

Appearing in "The Roommate Experiment"

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  • Johnny's car

Synopsis for "The Roommate Experiment"

After three weeks of living with Johnny Storm, Peter Parker has decided that he has to kick him out. Getting up in the morning he is preparing himself for work, when Johnny suddenly shouts that Electro is attacking the city. Peter rushes out of his room changing into his Spider-Man costume when Johnny says he is joking and has him sit down for breakfast. Johnny apologises for the wild partying that happened the night before. Before he leaves for work, Peter is told to grab a jacket as it is supposed to be cold outside. When Pete goes into the close he finds himself transported into the Negative Zone. Peter is about to be swarmed by an army of Negative Zone insects, but Johnny comes through the portal with the Cosmic Control Rod and tells them to get back. Peter is furious that Johnny had a portal to the Negative Zone installed in their apartment without telling him, let alone putting up signs warning people, Johnny apologises again and sends Peter on his way to work. Peter is now more determined to kick out his new roommate.

Later in the day at Horizon Labs, Peter is in the middle of giving a presentation of his latest experiment when he gets a call from Johnny. There is no emergency, the Torch is just bored and wants to know what's going on. While he is busy, his co-workers activate the device even though he has warned them not to. Johnny tells Peter to get some drinks because he is having some people over that evening. Peter ends the call even angrier than before, now he is determined to beat Johnny into unconsciousness and evict him after. After work, Peter goes to the store in the pouring rain to buy the drinks. He gets a call from Johnny on the way home and is asked to bring chips. Peter trudges back to the store to get them, now wanting to kill Johnny and collect the insurance.

Peter returns home twenty minutes later to find a wild party going on which includes the Moloid children from the Future Foundation and the Universal Inhumans known as the Light Brigade. With Peter's arrival, Mighnight Blade demands everyone take a shot of Kymel, mares milk from his homeworld. Johnny convinces Peter to take a shot because it's non-alcoholic. Peter takes the shot and goes wild. He parties with everyone all night long: speeding through the streets, getting into bar fights, and passing out in the streets. At a dance club that evening, while Johnny dances with Mary Jane, the Light Brigader named Stonethrower kisses Peter.

The following morning, Peter thinks that perhaps things aren't that bad, and considers reconsidering kicking Johnny out. However, Peter realises that Johnny has been talking to Mary Jane and talking about their late night rendezvous and Peter is now livid. Peter decides that he needs to take a shower but is horrified when he looks inside. This is the final straw and Peter explodes into a rage. He demands that Johnny move out immediately and when Johnny asks him why he takes Johnny to the bathroom to show him. There, they find Annihilus using the bathroom, the smell alone convinces Johnny that he has overstayed his welcome and agrees to start packing immediately.

Solicit Synopsis

• Now that he’s back among the living, the Human Torch moves in with Spider-Man! Can two super heroes share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

• What secret lies behind the door to Annihilus' closet?

• Who throws a house party like the Light Brigade?

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