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Human Torch

Appearing in "What Do You Call The Opposite Of a Field Trip?"

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  • Krougarr (Mentioned)
  • Durp the Worm (Mentioned)
  • Sluggos (Mentioned)
  • Antar of Moogg (Mentioned)
  • Annihilus (Mentioned)
  • Thing (Ben Grimm) (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "What Do You Call The Opposite Of a Field Trip?"

With the usual teachers away on other business, the Human Torch has been put in place to teach the children of the Future Foundation for the day. He begins his class by demanding them to ask him questions. One of the Moloids asks about reproduction, Johnny gives a simple explanation based on human coupling and romance. This doesn't sit well with most of the class since the Moloids, Uhari, even Dragon Man and Bentley Thirty-Two were the products of alternative forms of reproduction. Finding himself having to answer uncomfortable questions, Johnny decides to change the subject and calls for a field trip. He chooses to take them into the Negative Zone, and Alex Power questions if it's safe, reminding Johnny that he died there. Johnny assures them it will be fine as the situation has greatly changed.

He takes them into the Negative Zone where the insects that live there bow to him as he raises the Cosmic Control Rod. An insectoid named Korugarr comes with dire news: the sub-city of Murr is in revolt. Johnny tells the class to board the ship as he is going to teach them "butt-kicking 101". The children are insulted by this designation, thinking that an entry level class is beneath them. Alex has a really bad feeling about how this is going to go. Valeria agrees with him when he suggests that they could use Franklin with him.

Meanwhile, in the Kree galaxy, the adult Franklin teaches his younger self of to stabilize the star that brings light to the planet Hala. With that done, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman can continue overseeing the peace talks between the Inhumans and the Kree. However, Black Bolt is not interested in talking and makes a move to attack the Supreme Intelligence. He is stopped by the arrival of both Franklins. Creating a box that will allow Black Bolt to speak freely with him, the adult Franklin. Franklin has Black Bolt look into him and the Inhuman king is shocked by what he sees there. The man from the future then tells Black Bolt to return to Earth as there are important matters there that will need his attention. Black Bolt looks within himself and sees that this is true. Franklin then tells him that while others will stand beside him in what is to come, he cannot be there himself.

Back in the Negative Zone, Johnny and the children arrive outside of Murr and learn that the rebels have locked themselves inside the city. Johnny learns that the rebels wish to talk and he agrees to an audience. Meeting with the leader of the rebels, Johnny is shocked when they demand that free elections are held to determine who will rule the Negative Zone. Johnny agrees and has the children set up an election. Soon the results are taken and the vote comes in. While Johnny is not surprised that he lost the election, he is shocked to discover that the majority of the Negative Zone wrote in votes for Annihilus, putting him back into power. Johnny remarks that ruling the Negative Zone was fun while it lasted.

Solicit Synopsis

The Future Foundation kids take their first Field Trip -- to the Negative Zone. See what happens when Annihilus goes home.

  • Plus, the return of Future Franklin and Val.

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