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Quote1.png Not to be a bother, but I'd like to remind the class that none of you are wearing sunblock. Do we have to revisit the perils of skin cancer? Please, children, protect your noses. Quote2.png
Dragon Man

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Synopsis for "Safari"

The children of the Future Foundation are enjoying their time in Wakanda, riding animals through the jungle with their new friend Onome. When one of the zebras they have been riding becomes thirsty, Onome brings them to the Wakandan reservoir. Onome explains that the waterway was engineered to benefit the four nations that border Wakanda. The children then begin playing in the water.

When Alex Power uses his powers to get up onto a peak to dive he comes across a body. When the others climb up to investigate, Onome identifies it as a member of the Hyena Clan, scavengers that are enemies of Wakanda. When the children try to get close to the body, their friend warns that the Hyena Clan boobytraps their bodies. When Bentley pokes the body with a stick it explodes and a small Hyena carving that was in the clutches of the dead man's hand begins emitting a signal. They pick up some signal coming in from elsewhere and suddenly a war party of the Hyena Clan teleports onto the scene, while the children run for cover.

The leader of the Hyena Clan finds the bounty of water excellent for his needs, and orders his men to set up a teleportation grid so they can move it to their land. The children are discovered and they fight back against the clan members. They manage to get the teleportation device from the leader's hands and Onome reprograms it to teleport the Hyena Clan into the middle of Wakanda where they are taken prisoner by the Black Panther and her warriors.

The children then ride back into the city and along the way Valeria is impressed with her scientific abilitiy and invites her to join the Future Foundation. When Onome agrees to join, Valeria is happy and thinks that Onome will love New York.

Solicit Synopsis

• The kids take their first Field Trip. To Africa!

• Meet the Science Club of Wakanda.

• The Future Foundation gets a brand new member.


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