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Quote1.png I went through it and found the Council. I found all those yous. I found out they came from different earths. Different earths in different universes... universes they controlled... Quote2.png
Valeria Richards

Appearing in "Whatever happened to all those Reeds?"

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Synopsis for "Whatever happened to all those Reeds?"

A group of ships are deployed from the Baxter Building as Reed, Valeria, Nathaniel and Doctor Doom watch from the roof. Doom mockingly tells Reed that those he sent out will be bringing about his doom.

The Thing and the Moloid children pay a visit to the High Evolutionary. The Evolutionary is facinated with the evolved Moloids and accepts an invitation that Ben has brought for him. At the Rubedo, home of Diablo, the Dragon Man and Alex Power deliver the same invitation. Meanwhile at Lower Amduat, the research facility of the Mad Thinker, it's Spider-Man, Franklin and Leech who deliver the invitation. It's Sue and Bentley Thirty-Two who bring the invitation to the Wizard at AIM's facility on Outlier Island. The invitations in question is a seminar to come up with a means of destroying Reed Richards. Naturally, everyone who gets the invitations accepts the offer.

Two days alter, the assorted villains meet at the Baxter Building where they are welcomed by Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom. However, Reed informs them that their discussion is merely theoretical and warns that if anyone makes a move the Avengers are on standby to take them down. Suddenly, the Watcher appears in the room before them, and Reed realises that the danger is worth than he thought. He turns to his daughter Valeria and asks her what she's done. Valeria admits that she discovered her father's Bridge device and accidentally allowed four of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds to escape the Mad Celestials by giving them refuge on Earth. After scanning the area they discover that there are accessible geothermal vents, an ascension engine, a dormant dynamo, and all these items are in harmonics with the Negative Zone. This is all the materials needed to create Sol's Anvil, a weapon the Reed's once used to destroy the Beyonder of reality 5202. Seeking to recreate this weapon, the Council members told Valeria to tell her father what they are planning as they still have a place by their side.

One month later, one of the Reeds is at the site of Old Atlantis in the South Pole. He meets with one of each race that represents that kingdom. The Chordai and Mala restrain the Uhari member. This Reed implants a device at the base of the neck to extract memories from his mind, but the process kills him. He then reveals that the Uhari are plotting to overthrow the Mala and Chordai to rule the entire kingdom themselves. This Reed offers to help them in exchange for their assistance in his plans. Another Reed has met with the Mole Man outside of the Future City. When the Mole Man explains that more of his people continue to go into the Future City and become evolved, this Reed begins bargaining with the Mole Man to make this stop. While on the moon, another Reed meets with the Universal Inhumans to gain access to the sites beneath their city. However, the telepaths among the Inhuman Centurians detect that this Reed's lying about his true intentions. When the Reed tries to escape, he is incapacitated and then killed by the Inhuman Wraith known as Avoe consumes his mind and learns what the Reeds are up to. The Universal Inhumans then decide to watch as developments unfold. Lastly, one of the Reeds pays a visit to the Anti-Priest at the Other Side of Zero. This Reed demands an audience with the Priest's master. Soon he is put in contact with Annihilus and explains his need to get home. Annihilus agrees to help as long as they keep the Negative Zone portal open once they have what they want.

... Presently, the three remaining Reeds begin to construct Sol's Anvil. Although one of their number is certainly dead, they are sure they can access the dynamo on the moon remotely. With the goal almost in sight, one of the Reeds tell the others that in order to complete their task, they must instigate an all out war.

Solicit Synopsis

  • What has become of the surviving members of the Council, loosed upon our world by Valeria?
  • That's what Reed Richards and the new FF must now discover!


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