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Synopsis for "Two Kings"

Months Ago:

The War of Kings that rages across many galaxies saw the downfall of the evil Emperor Vulcan, but at the cost of the Inhuman ruler Black Bolt, who seemingly perished in the Fault. With his death, the queens of the Universal Inhumans felt as though all was lost.

Weeks Ago

Medusa has now become the ruler of the Inhumans and the Kree. As she deals with the day-to-day operations, Lockjaw detects something and wanders off. As he leaves, Crystal tells the dog to look around and see what's happening. Lockjaw goes out into a courtyard where a Kree scholar tries to convince Ronan that it is time to use the "seed". Ronan refuses and tells him never to mention the see again. Lockjaw begins sniffing around and he suddenly detects something and teleports away.

Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago:

Scientists Von-Warr and Ry-Noor are invited back to Hala by the Supreme Intelligence itself. When their ship lands they are greeted by Huran the Accuser. The two are brought to the Supreme Intelligence. They tell him that they have succeeded in using metagenesis in various species across the universe and now have the data needed to create a weapon out of any living being.

That data is downloaded into the Supreme Intelligence for review and processing by the various minds absorbed into its collective intelligence. The Intelligence is pleased with the results and each section of his mind, from scientists to military personnel, are impressed. However, the various religious scholars that have been absorbed into the Intelligence protest. This causes the Intelligence to run the projected data and learns that this will cause an uprising of those who undergo metagenesis and that one being will lead to the destruction of the Supreme Intelligence.

Fearing for its own continued existence, the Supreme Intelligence orders the two scientists killed. After destroying the data, the Supreme Intelligence orders Huran to gather the Accuser Corps to deal with things further. Although the Accusers were sent out to purge all the races that were experimented upon, the Intelligence's data was not complete and five worlds were left untouched. The Intelligence would soon learn that fate is unavoidable.


Within the Fault floats the body of Black Bolt, who suddenly springs back to life after so much time lost in the void.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Return of the King.
  • Black Bolt is back and is determined to reclaim his throne.


Continuity Notes

  • Black Bolt seemingly perished in his final battle with Emperor Vulcan in War of Kings #6.

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