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  • Mister Cotta's spaceship

Synopsis for "The Possible Boy"

After obtaining an anachrocraft from Charles Cotta, the replacement Fantastic Four are attempting to venture across time and space to locate the original team who have gone missing. As the team rockets off, Ahura, Bentley, Alex Power, Tong and Onome help sneak Maximus the Mad into the Baxter Building. As they are sneaking by they are stopped by Cotta who is teaching the children a lesson on conquering to prepare them for the upcoming battle against Doctor Doom.

Meanwhile, the ship that is carrying the Fantastic Four has taken them to a strange green and purple city shaped after New York City. While they are getting their bearings, the entire city scape starts shifting and they are tossed down onto the street below. Suddenly they discover what they feared most: that they are in the presence of the irritating Impossible Man. While back on Earth, Maximus is hidden in a storage closet. After growing bored, he decides to get out, and snatches on of the HERBIE units passing by. Back on the Impossible World, the Impossible Man examines the heroes and after some playful poking and prodding the imp suddenly breaks down and admits that he needs their help, that he has a child in need.

At first, the Fantastic Four try to convince the Impossible Man that the Future Foundation is not appropriate for any of his children. However, they begin to feel sorry for him and agree to at least meet the boy. They are taken to a nearby library where they meet the highly intelligent, but easily frightened Adolf Impossible. When they start pressing the boy about coming back to them to Manhattan, Adolf soon becomes upset and seals them all in boxes. As they try to break out, Medusa appeals to the strange boy and convinces him that part of her job is to make sure that he remains safe and in a caring environment. Convinced, Adolf Impossible stops his attack and agrees to accompany them. As they are about to head off, the Impossible Man tells Ant-Man that the original Fantastic Four will be home soon, it's just that their situation is complicated. With the impending doom coming their way, the Impossible Man tells the heroes that they will need his son by their side.

Back at the Baxter Building, Charles Cotta goes into the kitchen and catches Maximus the Mad raiding the fridge. When Maximus introduces himself to Cotta, the two are pleased to meet each other and shake hands.

Solicit Synopsis

• Purple! Green! IMPOSSIBLETOWN!


  • The comic Maximus has with him the supply closet is Daredevil #8.

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