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Synopsis for "Moloid See, Moloid Do"

After constructing a portal that was supposed to bring back the Fantastic Four, it really just transports the replacement team and the Future Foundation into a strange purple dimension. Increased in size, Ant-Man takes this opportunity to contain both Maximus and Alex Power in glass cylinders. Ant-Man explains that he has become aware that Alex has been spying on them for Doctor Doom and orchestrated this whole situation so they can avoid detection and continue planning. With his foes gone, Doctor Doom demands that Kid Immortus tell him where they went. However, a null-time bubble prevents Kid Immortus from locating them in the time stream. Furious, Doom orders his Doombots to take Ravonna and lock her up with Alex Power's parents.

Meanwhile, Ant-Man explains that he used the portal to shrink them down in size and teleport them into the material that consists of the Impossible Man's pants. This disgusts the female members of the Fantastic Four, especially when the Impossible Man makes his presence known and begins to flaunt this fact. The Impossible Man then transports them to their intended location: the Watcher's Citadel on the Moon. When Uatu balks at this intrusion, Ant-Man then threatens to use the Ultimate Nullifier if the Watcher refuses to allow them to stay within his Citadel. They quickly discover that Uatu has a female visitor -- Ulana. Eventually, the Watcher convinces Ant-Man to let him free. With the situation sorted out, the children are then allowed to go play out on the Blue Area of the Moon.

Unknown to them, at that very moment, the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes have come to the Moon to pilfer some of the Watcher's technology. Due to a chronal spike, various past and future versions of the Red Ghost and his Apes appear from past attempts to infiltrate the Watcher's citadel. While Ant-Man frees Alex Powers and expresses his disappointment, he understands how he was forced into helping Doom. Meanwhile, the Future Foundation children find a device that allows them to replicate bananas. This attracts the Super-Apes, and when the various Red Ghosts try to attack the children, the Super-Apes fight back on their behalf. Back inside the Watcher's Citadel, Ant-Man goes over records and determines that he cannot make these children murderers in his attempts to stop Doctor Doom. Making up his mind, he calls everyone back into the Citadel so they can begin planning the final battle.

Solicit Synopsis

• Doom the Annihilating Conqueror ascends! Is this the beginning of the end of everything? • Who Watches the Wee Watcher?

• What is the horrible secret of UNDERSPACE?

• And two students transfer in at the best worst moment imaginable. FINALLY! MORE KIDS!

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