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Old John Storm
Flame On!
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Miss Thing (Darla Deering)
It's Clobbering Time!
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She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)
Avengers Assemble! Oops, sorry. Gets confusing which team you're on after a while.
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Appearing in "Operation: Latveria"

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Synopsis for "Operation: Latveria"

One Hour Ago

Ant-Man prepares the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation for their final attack against Doctor Doom. Their strategy is comprehensive: While the Kree Sentry, Thing Exo-Droids and Mad Thinker androids are used to battle the Doombot armies, the Fantastic Four and Old John Storm break through the walls and rescue Alex Power's parents. Then Dakor the Mystic will use his powers to block Doom's magics. They will then eliminate every method of Doom escaping and prevent him from merging with Kid Immortus and Annihilus so that Ant-Man can handle him by himself.


The attack has started with the Future Foundation divided up into two groups, one guided by Sun Tzu, and the other by Julius Caeser. When Doom becomes aware of the attack he orders his minions to activate the defenses but their computers have been hacked into. As the battle rages, Ahura helps Alex rescue his parents. Freed as well, Ravonna declines to escape as she still has her plans to play out.

While the Future Foundation route Doom's forces, the Fantastic Four capture the Cosmic Power Siphon. At that moment all around the world, the Inhuman royal family destroy every Latverian embassy, and Dakor blocks Doom's ability to leave the country, cutting him off from all means of escape. Meanwhile, Old John takes the fight directly to Doom and is defeated. Elsewhere in time and space, the true Fantastic Four are sending their children back to their Earth with Lockjaw. However, they are stopped in time and space by Ravonna, who puts Valeria in stasis, explaining that she has come to stop her younger self from being who she is now.

Back in Latveria, Doom has grown tired of Kid Immortus demanding that they merge and absorbs his power. He then uses it to fell the Watcher and the Parliment of Doom and then incapacitate his would be allies. The female members of the Fantastic Four then burst into the room and manage to strip Doom of his power, but are knocked out in the process. With Doom the only one left standing, Ant-Man teleports into the room ready to face him one-on-one for the final battle.

Solicit Synopsis

• Invasion Latveria: the Video Game!

• Four stand-in replacement heroes and a dozen kids versus Dr. Doom, now transformed into the ultimate power in the universe: Doom the Annihilating Conqueror! What a time to run out of quarters!

• Game over, man! Game over!


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