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Quote1.png Well then, we must assume three things. First, something has gone very wrong in time and space with the Fantastic Four. Second, they are not coming back. And third, any hope we have in saving them lies with that man in there who quite frankly might be insane. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Old John Storm"

The replacement Fantastic Four are shocked by the arrival of an elderly Johnny Storm who has come to warn them that the true Fantastic Four died while on their mission in time and space. Ant-Man asks Old Man John what happened. He explains the Fantastic Four died in battle against Doom the Annihilating Conqueror, an amalgam of Doctor Doom, Annihilus, and Kang the Conqueror. While the others perished, John fled back in time to the present. John then asks them what they plan on doing about Doom. When Medusa looks to Ant-Man for guidance, he tells them that they need to get Darla back and orders the others to find the Moloid children who have since gone missing. At that moment the Moloids are in Subterranea where they give the Mole Man a Starheart and then tell him not to contact them again. They return to the Baxter Building where they bump into the She-Hulk as she is lifting equipment, they are instantly smitten by her.

Meanwhile, Darla Deering has begun her world tour and although she is performing to a legion of fans, she feels like this is all fake. When she returns to her dressing room, she is surprised to find a ton of flowers have been delivered to her by Ant-Man asking her to come back. Scott Lang is actually in the room watching at ant-size. He feels like a creep spying on her, but quickly springs to her aid when she foolishly opens a newly arrived package sent by the Yancy Street Gang. Although Ant-Man manages to get Darla down, they are still caked in whipped cream and sparkles from the exploding package. Suddenly, a group of Yancy Streeters -- all wearing Thing masks -- snap photos of the humiliating scene. As the Yancy Street Gang members flee, Ant-Man and Darla follow after them.

Back at the Baxter Building, Wyatt Wingfoot has been called to confirm the identity of the old man calling himself the Human Torch. After some silent examination, Wyatt is convinced that this is his old friend. Although Wyatt has confirmed Johnny's identity, Medusa points out that the Fantastic Four are doomed to die unless they do something about it, and their only hope lies in a man who is clearly insane.

Back at the concert hall, Ant-Man and Darla continue to chase the Yancy Streeters. While Ant-Man tries to chase them down the stairs, Darla takes the elevator. However, they are too late to stop them from fleeing out into the streets. Following after them, the two would-be members of the Fantastic Four are disheartened to find they have just walked into Times Square at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, making any attempts to find the Yancy Streeters impossible. With the current crisis out of the way, Scott tells Darla that he needs her to come back because she is needed. Later, back at the Baxter Building, Ant-Man has summoned the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation and asks them to focus their energies on one thing: putting an end to Doctor Doom.


Continuity Notes

  • Old Man John's memories of the Fantastic Four's fate are scrambled because he was actually shunted to Earth-616 by Doom himself in Fantastic Four (Vol. 4) #14. His assertions that the Fantastic Four were killed were based on false information.

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