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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Wyatt Wingfoot, you've remained the yardstick against which everyone else has been measured. Know what I mean? All my good choices, all my bad choices... Nothing ever came close to you. Do you... Have you thought about me, like that, at all? We almost got married. Do I -- Did I -- I mean, to you, did we --
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Wyatt Wingfoot
Jennifer. There hasn't been anyone else to measure you against. And there never will be.
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Appearing in "Escalation"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Blarrgh the Unliving (First appearance)
  • Miracle Man (Photo)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Escalation"

Ant-Man has just asked the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation to assist him in putting an end to Doctor Doom. However, Alex Power has an issue with the idea of committing murder. When Alex points out that Lang is seeking revenge for Doom murdering his daughter, he tells Alex to get out. Later, the Fantastic Four face more media scrutiny when they are involved with a courtroom battle against the Miracle Man, resulting in a lawsuit.

Later the Moloid children are ogling over the She-Hulk and learn that she is preparing to go out with an old friend. When they ask if it is a date, She-Hulk tells them she wishes it were so, but they are strictly friends. Jealous of the idea of making time with the She-Hulk seeing another person, they seek out the aid of Bentley to ruin the date. Elsewhere in the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four are being shown around Reed's lab by Old Man John. When John doesn't know what most of the devices do. This prompts Medusa to question his true identity. This causes Old Man John to go into a frenzy and when he doesn't recognize Darla he flames on and takes off.

Elsewhere, She-Hulk meets up with Wyatt Wingfoot for dinner. As they sit down for dinner, Bentley and the Moloids capture the owner of the business and use a hypnotize device and order him to do something "unimaginable" to his customers in the hopes that it will ruin She-Hulk and Wyatt's night out. However, this backfires when the owner tells his staff that everyone in the expensive restaurant will eat for free. Later, the couple takes a walk through Central Park. In the waters below, Bentley and the Moloids try to revive Blarrgh the Unliving, but the monster is not strong enough to break through the ice. However, the illuminated ice from Blarrg's glowing eyes makes for a romantic scenario.

The pair later go for drinks and they remark how this outing is quickly turning into a date. Bentley and the Moloids use a Fantastic Cube that was invented by Reed Richards to increase the temperature in the bar. Instead of ruining their night, it causes She-Hulk and Wyatt to dance the night away. But, She-Hulk calls an end to the night when Wyatt tries to kiss her and she stops him. Furious that none of their schemes have worked, Bentley and the Moloids return to the Baxter Building. When Bentley tosses the Fantastic Cube onto the floor it causes the sky to begin to glow pink. Seeing this from the streets below, this is just romantic enough to make She-Hulk give in and kiss Wyatt.

That night, Bentley is visited in his room by Medusa who wants to know how his evil scheme worked. When Bentley explains that it was a failure, he asks why Medusa is helping him be evil. She explains that she is making sure that he fulfills his destiny.

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s Valentine’s Day at the Baxter Building! So why does that spell trouble for She-Hulk?


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