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Quote1.png I have a girl inside of me. I tried to be a boy like you, but there is no boy here. And I do not wish to be what I am not any longer. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Save the Tiger"

As the day begins at the Baxter Building it is quickly noticed that both Bentley-23 and Medusa are missing. Dragon Man searches the entire building for sign of them and finds none. Meanwhile, Scott Lang wakes up from another nightmare about his dead daughter, Cassie. Before joining the others at breakfast, he goes into the bathroom where he "talks" to a picture of Cassie on his cell phone. He joins the others for breakfast and learns that Bentley and Medusa are missing. To make matters worse the front page of the newspaper contains photos of Darla Deering's selfies while she was trying on new helmets for her Thing exo-suit. This infuriates Darla to no end. Meanwhile, at a dive bar a reporter from the Daily Bugle meets with members of the Yancy Street Gang and pays them for the photos that they hacked for him.

Back at the Baxter Building, Tong makes a startling admission to the other Moloid children: That "he" now identifies as female. Tong is worried what her brothers will think but is happy to learn that they love her no matter who she is. At that same time, Scott has called a meeting with the rest of the Fantastic Four and orders a search for Medusa and Bentley as well as an investigation to find out who has been hacking their equipment. Darla explains that she cannot help because she has a show at Carnegie Hall that evening. When Darla goes to her acoustic show she discovers, to her horror, that the entire crowd is comprised of members of the Yancy Street Gang. They start pelting her with fruit and vegetables sending her fleeing from the stage. While above the city, She-Hulk and Ahura seek the assistance of the Inhumans to help try and locate Bentley and Medusa. Black Bolt informs them that they can take Lockjaw back with them for assistance.

Later, Darla meets with Ant-Man at a coffee shop and she is furious that he left her high and dry. He tells her that he didn't, and just then the ringleaders of the Yancy Street Gang enter the shop. Ant-Man reveals to them that he was hiding out at ant-size and hitched a ride on the leaders while they were making their escape from Carnegie Hall. He then spied on them and learned everything about them, who they are, what their passwords are and so on. He then reveals that he sent all those passwords to rival hacking groups who are now having a field day with them. Both Scott and Darla reinforce the fact that she is not replacing the Thing and their attacks on her have only made her a stronger person. They leave, warning the Yancy Streeters not to target her again.

When Scott and Darla return to the Baxter Building they get a report from Dragon Man about their search for Medusa and Bentley. The only clue they have is that some of the HERBIE units were seemingly destroyed by Medusa. Suddenly, the building begins to shake and it is transported into the Negative Zone.

Solicit Synopsis

• Darla vs Yancy Street! ‘ NUFF SAID!


  • Tong comes out as transgender in this issue.

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