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Quote1.png My name is Darla Deering, and I got my first recording contract when I was fourteen. By the time I was eighteen I had seven number-one hits, two golds, and one platinum record. I won a Grammy at nineteen, and ever since I could drive, I took home every Video Music Award that MTV ever nominated me for. I have twenty-nine million Yamblr followers. 67 million likes on Facespace. More people watched me on NewToob last year than go to the movies. And Bentley-23 is my friend. Quote2.png
Miss Thing to Blastaar

Appearing in "That Was the Worst Field Trip Ever!"

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Synopsis for "That Was the Worst Field Trip Ever!"

Twenty Minutes Ago

The Wizard has enslaved Medusa and used her to kidnap Bentley-23 so that they can join him and Blastaar in the Negative Zone as his new Frightful Four. The insane Wizard intends to form a team that is as much as a family as their long-time foes the Fantastic Four. However, Bentley has no interest in being part of the Wizard's twisted "family", but the Wizard has other plans, such as transporting the Future Foundation to the Negative Zone.


Realizing where they are, Ant-Man pulls the Future Foundation children together and warns them that there will be danger coming as their foes have sought them out. When Onome questions Scott's decision to have them help him, it makes him think about his dead daughter Cassie. Scott assures her that he is worried about the children from the moment they wake up until he puts them to bed at night, but he tells them that the world will never be a safe place if he always insists on them being kept someplace safe all the time.

When the Frightful Four storm the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation are there to fight them together. As the battle rages on, the two groups tries to snap Medusa free from the Wizard's control, but to no avail. While the battle rages on, Bentley is left alone in the Wizard's twisted version of the Baxter Building where he begins working on devices. Just when all seems lost, Bentley teleports into the middle of the battle. First, he places a harness on Blastaar that sends him to the end of time. With Blastaar defeated the Wizard is quickly defeated, leading to Medusa being freed from his control.

Upon his defeat, the Wizard is brought to Black Bolt to face punishment for his crimes against the Inhumans and the Baxter Building is returned to New York City. With the latest battle over, Bentley asks if this is a happy ending or not. As Darla touches Scott's hand, he suddenly stops thinking about his dead daughter and says that it will do. Meanwhile, in Latveria, Alex Power has sought an audience with Doctor Doom, who demands to know how this new Fantastic Four plan to put an end to him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Field trip…into the heart of the Negative Zone! • Scott Lang has already lost a daughter… watch what happens when he puts it all on the line to save… Bentley-23? • The shocking reveal of the villain pulling the strings and pitting family against family -- and a rescue mission unlike anything you’ve ever seen -- FF vs FF!


Continuity Notes

  • Blastaar is seemingly transported to the end of time on Earth-TRN954 where he was later banished to the dawn of time as seen in Fantastic Four (Vol. 4) #6. This reality was diverged to Earth-TRN594 when the Fantastic Four visited there in Fantastic Four (Vol. 4) #7. There he committed atrocious acts and boosted his powers phenomenally. On TRN594 he was sent back to the Big Bang where he perished while on TRN955 he was banished to the Negative Zone of the future. All of this contradicts the status of Blastaar when he appears again on Earth-616 in Thanos vs. Hulk #1 where he appears in his prime and without power enhancements. An explanation is not forthcoming at this time.

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