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Quote1.png I've seen the Fantastic Four after they left this anchorpoint in time and space. And I owe them my life. So I'd like to help you find them. Quote2.png
Charles Cotta

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Synopsis for "Last Splash"

Assigned a video project about their fellow students, Bentley-23 has decided to do his on the Uhari children. During his filming, the Fantastic Four receive an invitation to a pool party being thrown by Charles Cotta the CEO of Julian Enterprises. Soon they are on the roof of Julian Enterprises where Charles Cotta unveils the pool he has up there. As the children dive into the water, Bentley interviews the Moloids about the Uhari children but learns nothing. As a splash fight breaks out, Medusa tells Ahura to keep his cousin Luna company.

With the children settled in, the Fantastic Four and Old Man John have a sit down meeting with Charles Cotta. Cotta reveals that he is actually an alien that once posed as Julius Ceasar who the original Fantastic Four once helped in the distant past. Upon this statement, Old John recognizes Cotta immediately. Cotta then reveals his anachroship and explains that since the Fantastic Four assisted him in the past, he wants to help the replacement team locate them now that they are lost.

Outside, Bentley continues to interview the others about the Uhari children. Specifically, he asks if they can tell which one is Vil and which one is Wu. A question that nobody seems to be able to answer. Another splash fight breaks out in the middle of this interview and the splashing eventually gets Ahura so much that he finally joins in by cannonballing into the water. Meanwhile, Cotta reveals his true form to further prove his point, telling him that the whole point of Julian Enterprises was to be able to eventually help out the Fantastic Four. After pleading his case, the Fantastic Four take the anachroship.

With their meeting over, Medusa tells the children that it is time to go. Bentley wraps up his film project. When he plays it for his classmates they find the ending depressing. Meanwhile, Ant-Man has finished reversed engineering Cotta's ship and tells the others that they are going to rescue the Fantastic Four.

Solicit Synopsis

• What happens? POOL PARTY.
• Who do they fight? POOL PARTY.
• What do we get? POOL PARTY.


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