FM-1 was an intelligent robot created by General Hamilton Arkay, a prototype for a project to create robot soldiers which was shelved due to cost. Relegated to serving as the General's assistant, FM-1 was cruelly nicknamed 'War Toy' by his scornful comrades.

When alien invaders devastated Australia, Arkay and FM-1 were sent behind enemy lines to gather information because of Arkay's previous experience of the country. Arkay was killed by the aliens, but FM-1 managed to return to base with vital tactical information and subsequently insisted in joining the fight against the invaders, which he was pivotal in winning.

An ungrateful government decided that even one robot soldier could set a dangerous precedent, so an unwilling FM-1 was discharged into civilian life. Unable to earn enough to maintain his failing systems, he ended up in a veteran's hospital where he told his story to a sympathetic reporter. Then, FM-1, the soldier nobody wanted, committed suicide by crushing his own vital systems with his steel fist.

And then, the aliens returned...[1]

Strength level

Greater than human

  • Robots similar to FM-1 were later created on Earth-616 by Alkhema, who was also briefly called 'War Toy'.

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