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Quote1 I am Fabian Cortez! A mutant like yourself. Would you like a taste of my power? Quote2
Fabian Cortez[src]


Early Life[]

Fabian was born into wealth and privilege, entered the world with all the advantages one could imagine. From his earliest days, he was surrounded by opulence and luxury, raised in a lavish environment that shielded him from the harsh realities faced by many. His family, influential and affluent, provided him with the best education, opportunities, and comforts money could buy. As his mutant abilities emerged, he saw them as a means to break free from his mundane existence. Embracing his powers, he embarked on a quest for greatness, unaware of the dark path it would lead him down.[9]

Upstarts and Acolytes[]

Cortez joined the Upstarts for excitement, a group of mutants organized by the Gamesmaster who were awarded points for killing other mutants. Cortez gathered a group of mutants who believed in Magneto's teachings and formed the Acolytes. He brought the group to Asteroid M, Magneto's orbital base, only to arrange for its destruction and the death of the first wave of Acolytes along with their messiah.[10]

Obtaining many points for the deaths of such powerful mutants, Cortez then gathered a second group of Acolytes easily by playing Magneto off as a martyr. Neophyte overheard Cortez telling the Gamesmaster about how he killed Magneto and caused the other Acolytes to abandon him.[11]

When Magneto returned and was mind-wiped, the Gamesmaster stripped Cortez of his points. Furious, Fabian concocted an elaborate scheme to regain them. He kidnapped Luna Maximoff, the daughter of Quicksilver and granddaughter of Magneto, and began a civil war on Genosha by encouraging mutates to kill the ruling humans. Both the X-Men and the Avengers tried to stop him, and he was apparently killed by the new Acolyte leader Exodus.[12]

Cortez resurfaced months later when Joseph assumed control of the Acolytes. Pretending to help Joseph assume Magneto's leadership role, his schemes were again unveiled. He then tried to destroy the X-Men with another wave of Acolytes, but eventually abandoned his own allies.

Later when Magneto was returned to his full mental capacity, he gave Cortez a chance to redeem himself. Weakened by trying to manipulate the Earth's magnetic field, Magneto needed Cortez's powers to keep him rejuvenated. Magneto offered Cortez a place on the Genoshan cabinet, which he accepted. When Magneto attempted to obtain technology from Carrion Cove that would return his power levels to normal, Cortez betrayed him and helped the United Nations by augmenting rogue Acolytes to fight Magneto and his mutate army. His power levels faded during the battle for Carrion Cove, while Magneto returned to full power. Magneto finally got his revenge and used his new strength to repel Cortez fifty miles and smash him into the ground; he died on impact.


Cortez was resurrected via the Transmode Virus during the Necrosha crisis and, searching for Magneto with his fellow acolytes Delgado and Mellencamp, battled Deadpool and Loa. They were eventually, and contrary to the other "zombies" who weren't killable, killed by Loa's powers as Loa was used as a projectile by Deadpool.[4]

Upstarts v. X-Men v. O.N.E.[]

Cortez reappeared once again as a member of the mutant group the Upstarts. He helped kill the Nasty Boys in order to lure out Cyclops and his ragtag team of X-Men to Washington Heights. After a brief moment of words, the two groups engaged each other in battle. Cortez faced off against Hope Summers and the Juggernaut but became overwhelmed as they were outnumbered. He fled the scene with Siena Blaze and Fitzroy leaving Shaw behind as a scapegoat.[13]

He was the last of the Upstarts alive. The X-Men bailed him out to help. He used his powers to help the Black Queen remove mutants from the minds of every person.[5] It was revealed that O*N*E had not forgotten about mutants. Their sentinel squad came and started attacking. After many casualties, they shot and vaporized Cortez into nothing, which killed him.[6]

House of X[]

Cortez was later seen resurrected and well among Exodus and other Acolytes when they were first greeted by a hologram of Professor X, then later when they were seen on Krakoa among other X-Men villains and foes. As Professor X's hologram was conversing with them, around the world he was also greeting and conversing with other mutants, welcoming them into the country of Krakoa.[14]


Fabian Cortez (Earth-616) from S.W.O.R.D

Cortez later appeared as a member of The Six, a mutant sub-team under the command of S.W.O.R.D. and its commander Abigail Brand.[2] He was the "head" of the mutant power amplification and unification, under the guise of The Power. During the attack of Knull on Krakoa, he headed with other S.W.O.R.D members to defend Krakoa as he gained access to the island by possessing the body of Kid Cable. As he saw Sunfire break both his legs from a great fall after attacking a Symbiote Dragon, he healed him and greatly enhanced his powers, only for Knull to kill them both for their transgressions against him.[15]

He was later revived with the help of Jean Grey. Nude and confused, he remembered he requested a meeting with Magneto and the Quiet Council (with Brand and Peepers sitting in). After he discussed his views on the law against murdering Flatscans being a waste of not showing mutant superiority, he soon came to realize through their comments and questions that they were just humoring him and didn't take him seriously. Lashing out, he mentioned how vital he was to S.W.O.R.D and how he should be treated better, only for Amelia Voght and Khora of the Burning Heart to teleport in and announce Khora as his replacement.[1]

After this humiliation he fell into depression and began drinking at The Green Lagoon[16] and frequenting Stacy X's brothel, but everywhere he went only furthered his humiliation.[17]

Still hoping to find a way to break the law against killing humans without getting into trouble, he took Gorgon who had come back from his death in Otherworld not in the right frame of mind, to Central Park and amplified his telepathy so he could hear every negative and hateful thing the people around him were thinking. He almost succeeded in getting Gorgon to kill everybody there but Nightcrawler prevented this by teleporting into an ice-cream stand, making everybody laugh. This allowed the confused Gorgon to calm down and he started serving humans ice-cream much to Fabian's dismay. Fabian begged Nightcrawler not to report this to The Quiet Council but instead Kurt dragged him to Planet Arakko and forced him to confront one of his former victims, Lost whose parents were killed in an attack by the Acolytes.[18]

Kurt had hoped they could talk it out but instead the two continually tried to kill each other. Realizing he wasn't getting through to them, he teleported them both into the sky and let them fall to their potential deaths. He told Fabian if he made an attempt to apologize to Lost she could use her gravity manipulation to ensure they all land safely, but if not he'll block her powers so all three die. Fabian made an attempt to sincerely apologize to her and admitted there was something wrong with him but this reconciliation was ruined when Onslaught possessed him and made him overload her with power, burning her out. When he came too he was horrified by what had happened and told Kurt it wasn't his fault. He realized they were still falling and now as a result of Lost's power overload, the moon Phobos had fallen out of orbit and was now about to crush the planet. After Kurt stopped their descent, Fabian tried to convince him to teleport them to safety but Nightcrawler refused to leave without protecting those still on the planet. He told Fabian to overload him with power as he did to Lost, so with his last dying breath he could put Phobos back in orbit. Fabian broke down and in a shocking moment of humility, he confessed to Nightcrawler that he believed he'd fail and that all he really wanted was for people to like and respect him, Kurt asked him how he expected people to like him when he clearly despised himself. Fabian briefly overcame his cowardice and selfishness and helped Nightcrawler save the planet. Kurt then gave Fabian the task of helping him restore his memories after his resurrection so he could remember how to stop Onslaught. Unfortunately at that moment Onslaught, possessing Xavier, appeared behind him and but him in a coma. Later Kurt was shown his comatose body in the Healing Gardens and Xavier, still possessed by Onslaught, denied the option to kill and then resurrect him, denying him the right to restore Kurt's memories or earn redemption.[19]


Power Grid[21]
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Power Manipulation: Cortez has the ability to augment the powers of other mutants, often to dangerous levels. Cortez could also use his power to read genetic code and harm other mutants while appearing to heal them. Fabian's powers also lets him make his power augmentation addictive if he so chooses. He also has some control over his own power's energy field, being able to constrict it around a foe.

  • Healing: Able to easily fix broken bones, damaged organs, and possibly more. Unknown if he can only heal his fellow mutants or able to heal them without boosting their powers
  • Power Siphoning: Cortez is able absorb the energy of other mutants.
  • Power Dampening:Cortez is able to turn off the powers of other mutants, as he did so with Lost.[19]
  • Power Unification[2] Cortez is able to combine the energy of other mutants for them to be able to use their powers in unison, similar to Hope Summers and the Five.
  • Power Amplification: Cortez is able to enhance the powers of other mutants to extreme degrees with no ill effects (if he chooses not to), as he did with Sunfire[8]. He was even able to empower Nightcrawler to such a dangerous level to the point he was burning himself to death with energy, enabling Kurt to teleport Phobos back into orbit.[19]


Fabian was an experienced leader and a skilled martial artist.


(Formerly) Insecurity: Fabian always hated himself and had an inferiority complex, lashing out to hide this when he just wanted people to respect him and like him.[19]



  • Fabian is a big fan of Dazzler.[16]
  • Fabian is a self-proclaimed banjo player.[16]
  • Fabian has a Magneto fetish, as he wanted a woman he was trying to have sex with wear a replica of Magneto's Helmet.[17]

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