The French-born Bevatron was a member of the Hellions, the team of adolescent mutants formed by the Hellfire Club's then-White Queen, Emma Frost. Bevatron joined the team shortly before the Hellions' clash with the costumed adventurers known as the New Warriors. During the clash, Bevatron battled Firestar atop the roof of the penthouse home of the New Warriors' leader, Night Thrasher. A blast from Firestar aimed at Bevatron's feet knocked him off balance, and he fell, sustaining serious injuries.[1]

Bevatron recovered, only to be among those Hellions slain by the time-traveling Trevor Fitzroy during the villain's assault on the Hellfire Club.[2]

Bevatron, along with all other deceased Hellions, have been resurrected by Selene and Eli Bard using the Transmode Virus.[3] He and the other Hellions launched an attack on Utopia.[4][5] Eventually, the New Mutants killed all of the resurrect Hellions, including Bevatron.[6]


Bio-electrical Blasts: He had the ability to increase the personal storage of bio-electricity within the cells of his body. Bevatron could then channel this energy into radiant discharges of high-voltage energy from his hands.

  • Bevatron is named after the Bevatron, a particle accelerator (technically speaking, a weak-focusing proton synchrotron) used to accelerate protons to energies in the billion electron-volt range.

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