The Faceless Ones are a tribe of savage underwater creatures.[2]

They often clashed with the Sub-Mariner and the Atlanteans.



The Faceless Ones and their origin was described by the Logomancer to be a long story.[5] They were creatures of fable and myth to most Atlanteans, told by the ancients to frighten children at sleep-time.[1]

Modern Age


They were also responsible for slaughtering Tiger Shark's pregnant wife and her tribe.[10]

Some of the Aqueos were Faceless Ones,[5] who formed one of the three distinct groups of Aqueos.[4]

One such Faceless One led or assisted an Aqueos attack on New Atlantis, personally confronting Namor, and unleashing vampirized sea life on him. Namor managed to kill the Faceless One, and the Aqueos were repelled using solar lights.[11]

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