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Brother to Fasolt, the pair built Odin's palace in Valhalla in exchange for the goddess Freyja in payment. He didn't went through with this but instead under Loki's advice captured the dwarf Alberich and compelled him to turn over to them his large quantities of gold, which included the mystical Tarnhelm which was a helmet enabling its wearer to change his shape, and the Ring of the Nibelung all of which they then gave to the two Giants.[2]

Fafnir murdered Fasolt and took all the treasures for himself.[1] Fafnir used the Tarnhelm to turn himself into a dragon, in which form he was finally slain by Thor in his human guise of Siegfried.[3]

James Allison stated that the tale of Siegfried battling Fafnir, and many other similar accounts, were mythical tales originated as a pale racial memory of the battle of one of his previous incarnations, Niord, with the "worm" of the Country of the Worm.[4]

Fafnir was one the resurrected villains who was released from Hel and used by Kurse to defeat Thor, however this was stopped by Hela who transported all the villains back to Hel.[5]

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