Origin and youth in Vanaheim

Fafnir was a Vanirman, hailing from the northern realm of Vanaheim.

In his youth, Fafnir was part of the band of Rane, the Reaver, in the North.[2]

Thief in Shadizar

In Shadizar, Zamora, Fafnir was a thief working alongside Blackrat. One night, after Fafnir had subdued a goldsmith, Blackrat stabbed him, and the pair stole three gold items. They were fighting over the dividing of the loot, when they were attacked by Conan, a young thief at the time. Blackrat stabbed Fafnir while aiming for Conan, and was knocked out. Conan left with the booty, leaving Fafnir for dead.[1] Fafnir recovered from the weak blow.[2]

Pirate of the Inland Sea

Fafnir went on to become the captain of a crew of pirates of the Inland Sea composed of Zingaran corsairs, nomads out of Zamboula, deserters from the world's navies and even one from the Aquilonian Army.

Boarding a Turanian galley, the pirates slaughtered all the crewmen, save for Conan, whom Fafnir knocked out. Though his men wanted to have Conan slain, Fafnir convinced them to spare him, if he was bound to the mast. Fafnir attempted to recruit Conan into his diminished crew, but Conan refused upon learning that Fafnir was Vanir, the enemies of the Cimmerians.[2]


Into the storm, the ship was taken into the dreaded White Mist, where no man have ever gone and returned alive, and wrecked itself on a reef. Fafnir freed Conan before leaving the ship. Fafnir lost consciousness on a a piece of wreckage, and was about to be devoured by a shark, but was saved by Conan. Stranded on the beach of Bal-Sagoth, Fafnir was defied by Conan, full of racial hatred for the Vanir. Fafnir reluctantly accepted, but soon laid down his weapon, soon followed by Conan, thus started the friendship between them.

At that instant, Groth-Golka, the last of the Lizard-Gods appeared, pursuing a girl. In a remarkable feat of strength, attributed to Fafnir's invocations of his gods, Fafnir broke the monster's neck. The girl, Kyrie, was the Vanir daughter of Rane, the Reaver. Stranded on the isle alone, she was confused by the natives of Bal-Sagoth as the sea-goddess Aala. Eventually, she was exiled to the other part of the isle by her rival, old Gothan.

Kyrie offered the two warriors great rewards for their help, intending to use the legend which said that when two men would come out of the sea, Bal-Sagoth would fall. In the city, "Aala" warned the people, and forced the king, Ska to step forward.[2]


Fafnir invoked the name of Gods of the North, such as Bragi and Ymir's name, but also mentioned "Dagon's cellar"[2] (possibly mentioning the eldritch horror, aquatic monster, and possible Great Old One).[3]

He also invoked Mitra's name on occasion.[1]

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