Fairies (Nowhere) 002

Typical male Fairy

The potentially imaginary land of Nowhere is home to a unique race of Fairies. There appears to be major differences between male and female members of this race. Male members are typically overweight, have green skin and pointed ears. Female Fairies however are lithe, with pink skin and have wings that allow them to fly. Both genders are diminutive in size. Their natural enemies are the Gnomes.
Fairies (Nowhere) 003

Typical female Fairy

During one of his adventures to Nowhere, Jimmy Jupiter was shown a Fairy dance by his pals Wump Jump the dragon and Ruffy Rabbit. Jimmy accidentally frightened the Fairies by stepping on a twig, but convinced them to come back out.

They were soon attacked by Gnomes, whom Jimmy frightened off by tossing moonbeam dust that them.

Powers and Abilities


Females are capable of flight


Habitat: Earth like
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Level of Technology: Primitive

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