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Fairy Delight lived in the potentially imaginary world of Nowhere in the Land of Fairies; she was a servant in the court of King Ra. When the Land of Fairies was visited by Jimmy Jupiter and his pal Knobby, King Ra charged Fairy Delight to show Jimmy around the land.

She transported him around King Ra's domain in a pumpkin carriage pulled by giant mice. She showed him the various realms, such as the Valley of the Blue Bells, The Plus Forest, The China Village, and Dream Land. When they were in danger of being put into eternal sleep by the Sandman, Fairy Delight ordered Jimmy and his friends to flee. Jimmy ended up falling back to Earth.[1]

The fate of Fairy Delight remains unrevealed.



Fairy Delight has various magical powers, the limitations of which are unknown. She at least had the ability to change her height from the average size of a fairy to match the size of Jimmy Jupiter.



She traveled across the land in a pumpkin carriage drawn by giant mice.

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