Inspired by the real Spider-Man's heroic acts, this civilian bought a cheap Spider-Man costume to fight crime on his own. He started by stopping random occurrences on Harlem, such as store robberies and even helping to stop a fire, until the Spider-Man took notice that someone was impersonating him. Determined to investigate, he sought the victims saved by the copycat, collecting clues from who and where he might be, until he discovered him trying to take out some of the Kingpin's henchmen on a nearby construction site. Spider-Man, sensing the danger the impersonator was going through, stepped in to help, with both managing to defeat the goons together. After that, the "Spider-Men" decided to abandon his costume, with the real Spider-Man claiming that he doesn't need a mask to help people.

He would later call in to J. Jonah Jameson's radio show Just the Facts, on the topic of Spider-Man being a bad influence to youngsters. And while the impostor admitted that dressing up as Spider-Man was a mistake, since it nearly got him killed, he was thankful for being lucky enough to be saved by the real Spider-Man, which made Jameson interrupt the call.[1]


Expert Combatant: The "Spider-Man" claimed to be a black belt and is shown to be able to handle himself in combat, even helping the real Spider-Man fight.


  • Store-Bought Spider-Man Costume

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