The man known as the Fakir ruled a tribe of men in India during the 1940s. They lived in the mountainous region of Beanres and worshiped the goddess Kali. In the fall of 1942, they were approached by agents of Imperial Japan, and the Fakir was offered rule of India if he helped in the invasion of the country, starting with attacking American forces that appeared in the area. To this end, the Japanese provided them with weapons to use in their attacks.

Unfortunately for the Fakir, this was a unit that also counted Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes among their ranks. When they attacked the American camp, Rogers and Barnes changed into Captain America and Bucky to fight them off. The army fought them off, and Captain America chased after the Fakir when he fled the scene. Although Cap was attacked by a tiger, he managed to locate the Fakir's village and attacked him at their Temple of Kali. Captured, Cap was tied up and left to burn alive while the Fakir and his men fought off the American forces coming up the ridge. However, one lone Indian boy, having learned about Captain America's adventures, freed Cap, and he interrupted the Fakir's surprise attack.

During the fight, Cap knocked the Fakir down the hill and the would be conqueror ended up impaling himself on the bayonet of Bucky's rifle. With their leader dead, the rest of the Fakir's army easily crumpled and surrendered.[1]


The Fakir wielded a scimitar and later a rifle.

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