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Falco was a falcon, who was mutated by the Gamma Radiation released from the Gamma Bomb which also transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. He was presumably shummed by their own race and attacked by humans, and discovered the other creatures mutated by the blast and joined the Outcasts. The group found Hulk's Cave and used the technology within to learn english and began to worship "the Green One" (the Hulk). Falco helped capture Rick Jones when he visited the lab, Rick transformed into the Hulk and the Outcasts accepted him into their group. Rick stayed with the group until he was discovered by Bruce, who accidentally brought S.H.I.E.L.D. with him. S.H.I.E.L.D. fought against the Hulk who was aided by the Outcasts. They were able to drive off the humans, but the Outcasts sustained injuries and casualties so the Outcasts left and asked the Hulk to leave as his presence would draw more attention to them.[2]


  • Falco was unnamed in their original appearance, Jeff Christiansen named them on the Marvel Appendix entry fro Outcasts, these were then made their official names in the World War Hulk: Gamma Files #1 where Christiansen was head writer.
  • Only one bird Outcast was on panel, and seems to have the signature neck ruffles of a vulture, so this character may not actually exist

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