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Sam Wilson grew up in a tough Harlem neighborhood. His father, a minister, had been killed trying to stop a fight. Sam did his best to try and do the right thing, volunteering and becoming a social worker.

Sam was lured to a Caribbean island name island named Exile where the Red Skull and his henchmen were hiding out. After their initial skirmish, Captain America and Sam defeated the Skull, and the Falcon became Cap's partner for a long time. Allegedly, Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to give Sam the ability to telepathically communicate with birds, especially a bird that Wilson had bought named Redwing. The Falcon ultimately left as Cap's partner when he was named the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents.

Later, as one of the few black super heroes active, he was drafted to join the Avengers by Henry Peter Gyrich to fill a quota. Resenting being a "token," he quit at the first opportunity.

Later, again as the Falcon, Wilson received help from the Black Panther, who created a harness for Wilson, allowing him to fly.[1] When Rogers briefly abandoned his Captain America identity, others attempted to take up the mantle, including a young man named Roscoe whom the Falcon mentored. When the Red Skull eventually killed Roscoe, Rogers again became Captain America.[2]

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