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Appearing in ""Winners and Losers!""

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Synopsis for ""Winners and Losers!""

Falcon stops a young thug, Miguel, and his friends from attacking a young girl, Lucia. Meanwhile, Sergeant Tork carries out a raid only to find the place abandoned. Falcon and Tork meet up and Falcon takes the young girl home to her father. He also manages to persuade Lucia's father and Tork to not press charges against the young men.

The next day, Sam Wilson runs into Daryl Kane, who pleads with Sam help him to prove he's not a slumlord. Sam refuses after seeing the poor quality of the new buildings Kane is building. Later, Sam defends Miguel in court, believing he can become a good person. Lucia and her father walk in and withdraw their complaint, heeding Sam's advice.

Falcon later encounters Nemesis at the Kane building site. He prevents him from throwing rubble onto the crowd and saves Tork in the process, who attempts to shoot the villain. Nemesis defeats Falcon and manages to escape. Later, Miguel gets fired from his job and runs into Nemesis, who takes him hostage. Falcon encounters Nemesis and saves Miguel from a bundle of dynamite which he is strapped to. Nemesis escapes onto the subway but Falcon follows him, defeats him, and unmasks him as Daryl Kane. Kane had planned to destroy the building site and claim the insurance money from the damage. Afterwards, it is revealed that Miguel managed to get his job back.

Solicit Synopsis

Forget "Hill Street Blues." Forget "St. Elsewhere." Forget "Fort Apache, the Bronx." It's tough. IT's contemporary. It pulls no punches. It's Sam Wilson, A.K.A. the Falcon. It's real. Word.

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