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Appearing in ""Legion!""

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Synopsis for ""Legion!""

Whilst flying, Falcon accidentally tears the parachute of a skydiver but manages to save her. The parachuter, Rachel, and Falcon introduce each other before Falcon asks her to come round anytime. As he flies away, Falcon passes a junkyard where an inactive Sentinel targets the hero.

Sergeant Tork later wakes Sam Wilson up in his apartment and sends him off to work. After a busy day, Falcon meets up with the Legion Gang, who want Falcon to help them set up a peaceful march through Harlem. Falcon agrees and leaves, passing the junkyard again. The Sentinel actives and incapacitates Falcon.

As Tork wonders where the hero has got to, Falcon wakes up in an abandoned lab and tries to escape with Redwing but the Sentinel chases after him. Meanwhile, the Legion start their march but are confronted by the police and one of the officers accidentally shoots and kills one of the gang members. Xeon blames Falcon and swears vengeance. Elsewhere, Falcon manages to lure the Sentinel into a military test firing area but, even after being shot down, the Sentinel is still active. As the Legion riot against the police, Falcon manages to get Redwing to snap wires inside the Sentinel's head, defeating it.

Falcon makes it back to the riot in time to save Rachel, who had also just arrived. The rioting stops but Xeon breaks all ties with the hero and the Legion storm off.

Solicit Synopsis

In this corner, standing 6'2" and weighting in at 240 lbs., the Falcon! His foe? A mighty robot Sentinel, 20 feet tall and tipping the scales at just over several hundred tons! Place your bets!

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