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Appearing in ""Faith!""

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Synopsis for ""Faith!""

Falcon saves residents of an apartment building from a fire whilst Electro watches on, convinced that Falcon is coming after him. Falcon arrives in his apartment to find Sergeant Tork and some tied up members of the Legion Gang. Tork reveals that he found them in the apartment but they manage to escape. Faclon and Tork eventually manage to apprehend them.

Sam Wilson goes to the police station with Tork as everyone prepares for a visit from the President. Sam is thrown out by the police chief and then goes to check on one of the survivors from the fire. Falcon saves the man from committing suicide, as he had lost his store and everything he owned in the fire. In the crowd below, an incognito Electro watches, convinced that the whole thing was staged just to get to him.

As the President and his escort arrive in Harlem, the Legion attack and kidnap the President. Falcon arrives and begins to track down them all but he is attacked by Electro. Falcon flies away, focused on finding the President. At the police station Tork interrogates and threatens the two Legion members from before and finds out the gang are planning on killing Falcon. Falcon arrives at the Legion's hideout but is attacked by Electro again and defeated. Tork is approached by Captain America, who wants to save Falcon.

Solicit Synopsis

The street gang known as the Legion has lost faith in the Falcon, and in defiance has kidnapped the President of the United States! How can Falc save the President without further alienating the people he's tried so much to help? Featuring the villainy of Electro!

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