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FalconQuote1 If you were awake, why didn't you help me? Quote2
Captain AmericaQuote1 Didn't think you needed it. I was right. Quote2

Appearing in ""Resurrection!""

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Synopsis for ""Resurrection!""

Electro confronts the Legion Gang, demanding that they tell him where they are keeping the President. Sergeant Tork and Captain America attack a Legion warehouse, looking for Falcon. After Electro had left, Falcon takes one of the Legion members to hospital and reveals that he had Redwing follow Electro and so he follows his bird to the villain. Tork and Cap fight off some more Legion members until they find Xeon, holding a gun to the President's head. Suddenly, Electro bursts through the roof and incapacitates Cap. Just as he is about to kill him though, Falcon arrives and attacks Electro.

The fight takes Falcon and Electro to an underground car park, where the villain manages to breaks Falcon's wings. Redwing distracts the villain so Falcon can spray Electro with a fire hose, negating his electric powers. Weakened, Electro is easily knocked unconscious by Falcon. Captain America and Tork meet up with Falcon and they head back to where Xeon is holding the President. Falcon is able to talk down the gangster and manages to persuade to use this situation to prove how to the President how tough life in the ghetto is.

Afterwards, Falcon, Tork and Captain America are all watching a tv press conference from the President. Cap soons leaves and Rachel arrives, soon leaving with Falcon and Tork.

Solicit Synopsis

He's beaten the cops! He's beaten Captain America! And now he's after the President! He's Electro! Only the Falcon is left to fight him - but Falcon's got his hands full!

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