The man known as the Falkon was a German pirate who was active during the 1940's. From his private island, he had constructed a replica of an 18th Century Corvette, painted it with phosphorescent paint, and rigged it to sit atop his private submarine. Making it appear that a ghost ship was sinking ships filled with gold bullion off the coast of Central and South America, his crew then recovered the sunken loot before it could be recovered. Among his crew included Chuck "Slug" McCarthy, an American wanted for murder whom Falkon forced into working in his operation, threatening to turn him over to the authorities if he didn't. Slug's wife Baby was the sister of New York police woman Betty Dean.

Eventually, Falkon's operations would attract the attention of the Sub-Mariner who discovered the true nature of the "ghost ship" during a botched robbery attempt and followed it back to Falkon's private island. There, the Sub-Mariner accidentally knocked himself out on the island electric fence and taken prisoner. Not knowing who the Sub-Mariner was, Falkon had the hero tossed in a cave for him to eliminate later. He sent Chuck and the other crew to rob another ship while he decided how to deal with the intruder.

Baby, recognizing Namor from photos that her sister had shown her, freed the hero and convinced him to help free her and Chuck from Falkon's control. Namor sank Falkon's "ghost ship", saving Chuck from a watery grave. Returning to the island, the Sub-Mariner then strangled Falkon to death, leaving Baby and Chuck to sort out the mess they had made their lives.[1]


Falkon ordered a submarine that had a replica of an 18th century Corvette sailing ship attached to it. The sub could fire torpedoes, and the sailing ship was painted with phosphorescent paint, making it glow in the dark.

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