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The Fall of Acheron and the total destruction of Python occurred circa 13,000 BC.[3]


Fall of Python

The Hyborian barbarians attacked and ravaged Acheron who had been used to sacrifice barbarians on their altars.[3]

Due to an encounter with the mirrors of Tuzun Thune, Conan of Cimmeria and Red Sonja of Hyrkania briefly found themselves taking part in this fabled rebellion.[1][4]

Stygia in war

Finally, Old Stygia joined the conflict on Acheron's side, but too late. Furious, the Kothian overran all of Shem, sacked Kuthcemes, and pushed the Stygians back beyond the Styx. Focused on the south, Koth did not benefit from the territorial gains attempted by other Hybori tribes from the ruins of Acheron.[5]


  • The nation of Acheron fell, and its capital city Python was completely destroyed.
  • Most of the people of Acheron were wiped out by the Hyborians, though some people in the hills boasted descent from Acheron.
  • The ancient kingdoms of Ophir Corinthia, and Koth regained their independence.
  • New nations rose on the ashes of Acheron: Argos, Aquilonia and Nemedia.[3]

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