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  • Hulk (Illusion or holographic simulation)




Synopsis for "The Savage Sex"

The Recent Past:

Thundra has set up camp in the American Southwest while she waits for a means to get back to her own time. As she and her orb dig for water. She is suddenly attacked by Lyra, her daughter from the future. Thundra tells her daughter that she shouldn't be here, but back in her own time helping defend her sisters. However, Lyra is furious that her mother chose her life and then fled to live her own. Lyra is also furious because the secret that she had a father was revealed and she was exiled by her own people, hence why she has come to this era. Thundra tells her daughter to stop telling her about the future and belts her across the face. Lyra recovers from the blow and resumes her fight. She also knows that her mother fought along side the Red Hulk, who battled the She-Hulk and demands answers. Thundra tells her daughter that this is enough and she might have already destroyed her future. She then tosses her at a rock outcropping, knocking Lyra out. This puzzles Thundra, as she didn't expect her daughter go get so weak, and accuses herself of being a terrible mother. Thundra then leaps away.

The entire battle was being watched by the Intelligencia who were observing it from a spy drone. They were hoping that Lyra would destroy her mother and thereby erase her from history. However, they see that the young woman is rebellious and will willingly go against her mother and the Leader and MODOK send the Frightful Four out to try and recruit her to their cause again.

New York, Two Days Later:

Lyra has just sat down in a coffee shop for a drink when she is suddenly approached by the Wizard in his civilian guise of Bentley Wittman. He reveals he knows all about her and her mother. He explains that he tried to recruit her mother but she turned them down and offers her a place on his team instead. However, Lyra isn't interested, as she is willing to prove herself worthy to the people of this time, just like the She-Hulk. When she gets up to leave, the Wizard sprays her with a gas that smears away her body paint and burns away her street clothes. When the people in the coffee shop see a Hulk in their midst they begin to panic. Lyra tries to attack the Wizard, but his armor blasts her into the street. There she is attacked by Klaw and the Trapster. When Klaw pins her to the wall with a sound construct, she uses her wrist-mounted computer Boudicca to dissipate it. She then fights through Klaw's sound barrage and smashes his sound cannon. The Trapster manages to sneak up on her and place a device on her back that increases her weight. Instead of allowing herself to get crushed, she smashes through the ground and rips the device off her back as she falls.

Leaping back out of the hole, she knocks out the Trapster. By this time, the Wizard has emerged from the coffee shop and tells her that they didn't come to fight, but to talk. However, Lyra isn't interested in talking. Before she can attack the Wizard, she is ambushed by the Red She-Hulk. The Red She-Hulk reminds her of the offer she made earlier, but Lyra isn't interested if these are the individuals she wanted her to join. When the Red She-Hulk begins getting too rough, the Wizard places an inhibitor device around her neck. The Red She-Hulk snaps it off, but the Wizard warns her that MODOK will punish her if she kills Lyra, as they need to recruit her. The Wizard then plays radio broadcasts and points out that they are only reporting a Hulk in the area instead of them. Telling her that nobody will accept her, the Wizard gives her another day to make up her mind before he and his allies depart. Watching them fly away, Lyra thinks she will join the Frightful Four after all, but only in order to get what she wants.

The Next Day

Lyra meets with the Frightful Four and agrees to join them. The Wizard then tells her to get rid of Boudicca as it will interfere with their computers. Without a second thought, Lyra crushes the artificial intelligence. She is then informed that their first mission is to attack the Baxter Building and capture Mr. Fantastic. After they succeed in defeating the Fantastic Four and capturing their leader, the Wizard is convinced of her loyalty, so he takes her to the headquarters of the Inteligencia, the Hellcarrier.


Having gained the trust of the Intelligencia, Lyra has waited until they have let their guard down. Sneaking through the Hellcarrier, she manages to hack into one of the labs. There she finds what she is looking for: The She-Hulk, kept in stasis since she disappeared some time ago.

Solicit Synopsis

She's left her apocalyptic world for this one. Her mother was a heroine, her father a rampaging HULK. What path is the Savage She-Hulk called Lyra on, and why has it led her to add her might to the Wizard's Frightful Four? See how some of the toughest women in the Marvel Universe tip the balance of power in the Fall of the Hulks with this exciting miniseries by Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS, FALL OF THE HULKS ALPHA) and Salva Espin (INCREDIBLE HERCULES)!


Continuity Notes

  • Lyra is the daughter of Thundra, after collecting DNA from the Hulk in Hulk: Raging Thunder #1. However, at this point in the story, she had not yet returned to her own time.
  • She-Hulk has been imprisoned by the Intelligencia since Incredible Hulk Vol 1 600.

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