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Synopsis for "The Savage Sex (Part 3)"

Jennifer Walters and Lyra have been tossed out of the Intelligencia Helicarrier by Red She-Hulk. Noticing on the ground below them that Hulked-Out A.I.Marines are assaulting Washington, they crash down on their foes. Unfortunately, there are so many that they briefly flee into the sewers, before returning to the surface, noticing that the A.I.Marines are splitting up towards the Capitol Building and the White House. The She-Hulks take advantage of the fact that the A.I.Marines are Hulks, making them mad enough that they clash with each other. Lyra then notices the Smithsonian and heads inside. Knowing that the time capsule sitting there will be found in the future, she records a message on a Boudicca before placing it in.

The battle is soon joined by Skaar, A-Bomb, Korg and the Hulked-Out Heroes. Amidst the fighting, Walters coaches Lyra about what's right and wrong, such as saving the lives of their fellow Hulked-Out Heroes. They are then saved from Hulkmariner by Red She-Hulk, who had tossed them off the ship to prevent M.O.D.O.K. from catching them. Furthermore, she admits that she is not a killer and no one, not the Leader or M.O.D.O.K. will control her ever again. The Savage She-Hulks then charge against an oncoming horde of A.I.Marines.

In the future, while young Lyra is playing with a fire-breathing Jackalope, Thundra is informed of a time capsule that had been unearthed, carrying with it Boudicca, whose prototype was just developed. Boudicca then begins playing older Lyra's message, meant only for Thundra, explaining that she understands why her mother hid in the past, how different Walters is compared to what the Sisterhood teaches. But more importantly, she admits that Thundra is the greatest woman she has ever known. Thundra then picks young Lyra up, admitting that she proud and and hopeful for her future.

Solicit Synopsis

The WORLD WAR HULKS battle lines are being drawn; whose side are the SHE-HULKS on? Will the Sensational, Savage, and Red She-Hulks choose their allies wisely, or will the list of Marvel’s Gamma-Girded Girls go from THREE…to NONE? By the indomitable team of Jeff Parker (FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA, HULKED-OUT HEROES, ATLAS) and Salva Espin (INCREDIBLE HERCULES)!


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

As this story takes place during the Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks storyline characters in this story appear concurrently in this story and others. The affected characters are:

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