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Quote1.png A death isn't like losing a job or getting divorced. You don't "get over it." You have to integrate it into your life. Learn to live with it. But... life does get better. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Depression"

Spider-Man visits his Uncle Ben's grave, reflecting that while a true hero's legacy is judged by the lives he's saved, his will be judged by those he's lost, including Uncle Ben, his parents, Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, her father, and now Captain America. He laments that although Uncle Ben told him that there would be 'days that would test him', he does not know if he can bear it anymore. Just then, his thoughts are interrupted by his spider-sense which alerts him to the presence of the Rhino. Believing that Rhino is somehow up to something evil, as he usually does, Spider-Man attacks him and in an attempt to defend himself, Rhino accidentally breaks his mother's headstone. As he reveals that he was only visiting his mother's grave, Spider-Man realizes his mistake but is too late to prevent Rhino from going into a rage. As Rhino proceeds to beat him to a pulp, Spider-Man recalls a time when he went against the Hulk and was nearly killed until Captain America came to his aid. Realizing he won't be saved this time, Spider-Man wills himself to his feet and defeats Rhino much in the same way Cap defeated the Hulk. At that moment, Wolverine reveals himself and begrudgingly congratulates Spider-Man who rudely brushes him off before heading to the Brooklyn Bridge where Gwen Stacy died. Wolverine follows him and an angry Spider-Man accuses him of being incapable of understanding what he's feeling. Wolverine then describes a condition like having a cannon shot through one's stomach, leaving a hole that has a tendency to reopen again and again, though the hole heals back faster each time it is reopened. Spider-Man asks if the pain ever goes away and Wolverine explains that you never 'get over' a death. You simply have to learn to live with the pain, and life will get better someday.

Solicit Synopsis

He’s confronted the deaths of family and friends – but how will the passing of a fellow hero rock the Wall-Crawler?

  • We know we’re being secretive about these FALLEN SON issue descriptions, but it’s Jeph Loeb, David Finch (NEW AVENGERS) and Spider-Man all dealing with life’s greatest foe – so you know it’s going to rock!


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