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The true face of False Face

Not much is known about the history of the spy known as False Face. He was a master of disguise who in 1947 was hired by diplomat Signor Korte to pose as Colonel Ryder and steal the plans for a radio-controlled atomic bomb and sabotage the American military's test of the device. The purpose was to have the United States abandon the project while Korte secretly sold the plans to the highest bidder.

False Face and his gang attacked Colonel Ryder at his office as he was being visited by OSS Agent Mark Mason; both men where knocked out. As False Face put on a disguise to resemble Colonel Ryder, he was watched from the skylight by the Blonde Phantom. The Phantom went after the gang who took Ryder to their hideout in the woods, while False Face -- posing as Ryder -- completely fooled Mark with his disguise. Taken to the test site, "Ryder" was shown around the facility when suddenly Senior Korte arrived. They then went into the warehouse where the bomb was stored alone. There Korte and False Face reprogrammed the atomic bomb's targeting for New York City. However, when Mark caught False Face in the act he attacked, pulling off his disguise. Despite this, False Face knocked Mason out and placed him into the bomb and had it launched.

However, Blonde Phantom soon arrived with the real Colonel Ryder and False Face was quickly arrested. Mason managed to program the bomb back to its original destination and was able to escape it thanks to Blonde Phantom tossing him a parachute from a following plane. Later when questioned in prison, False Face refused to name who employed him, instead telling Mason and the Blonde Phantom that he acted alone.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


False Face was a master of disguise who used make-up to make himself resemble anyone he so desired.

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