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The Faltine, or Faltinians, are extra-dimensional energy beings born from pure magic. They exist in a realm of their own, a very old and very dense universe that is also known as the Faltine.[2][1]



The Faltine Sinifer spawned twin beings Dormammu and Umar. Unlike every other spawning in Faltine history, the two new beings (scions) were unlike their parent (genitor).[2]

Dormammu and Umar craved the consumption of matter instead of energy, something that was considered to be the most obscene perversion by the other Faltine. When Sinifer tried to stop them, they transmuted him from energy into matter, essentially killing him. This angered the rest of the Faltine who then banished Dormammu and Umar from the dimension of the Faltine.[2]

The Dark Dimension[]

The two fugitive Faltine then entered a universe known as the Dark Dimension where the ruling social class was a group of wizards known as the Mhuruuks. Their ruler, the wizard-king Olnar, dreamed of returning to the days of warfare and conquest. Umar and Dormammu befriended Olnar and played upon these desires. They showed Olnar how to make conquest of other dimensions and bond them with his own. Olnar greedily subjugated several dimensions and added them to his own domain.[3][2]

In time, the rogue Faltines led Olnar to shatter the barrier between his dimension and that of the Mindless Ones, a horde of soulless brutes that exist simply to destroy anything that lies in their path. The Mhuruuks were beaten back by the onslaught and many were slain, including Olnar.[3] Dormammu and Umar then slew or exiled any wizards that might oppose them.[2] Then they barred the Mindless Ones behind a great mystical barrier.[3][2]

This battle weakened Umar, and she became subordinate to her brother. Dormammu ascended the throne as regent and ruler of the Dark Dimension. He partially re-assumed his Faltinian form of flame, but Umar chose to remain in her human form.[3][2]




  • In Doctor Strange (Vol. 2) #9, Umar reminds Dormammu that their "Faltinian father gave us both the strength of Flame!" Later in that issue, Orini recalls how Umar had once told him that her mother had been human, something that has since been shown to be a lie.
  • In Doctor Strange (Vol. 2) #71, the idea that Dormammu and Umar were not native to the Dark Dimension but were exiles from the fabled dimension of the Faltine was first presented.
  • In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #22, the original forms of Dormammu and Umar were first revealed, as was the fact that the Faltinians were energy-creatures with "spidery" bodies.

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