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Falzon and his wife, Murius were scientists working for the Kree. They bore a son, Arides who the Kree forced them to experiment on to become a "super soldier". They worked on him for twenty years, forming him into the killing machine Shatterstar. Falzon, unable to take it anymore, attempted to flee with his family but Shatterstar killed his mother and forced Falzon into a rehabilitation programme and returned him to being a scientist.[1]

Falzon opposed the plot to recover the Inhumans and when Shatterstar was sent to earth Falzon smuggled himself aboard. He helped the Inhumans defeat Shatterstar when he joined up with Maximus. Falzon was severely injured in the process but recovered with the help of the Inhumans.[2]

Falzon joined the Inhumans in their self-imposed exile but wasn't involved with their conflict on the planet of the Stenth.[3][4]

Falzon returned to Earth with the rest of the Inhumans, shortly after which they were attacked by The Pursuer. The Pursuer had defeated the Inhumans but Falzon doused him with pesticide and incapacitated him.[5]

Falzon then watched over Lockjaw while the Inhumans fought The Hulk.[6]

He then joined The Inhumans in searching for Captain Marvel to prevent The War of the Three Galaxies.[7]

Later, Falzon attempted to de-fuse an anti-matter warhead but accidentally set off a booby trap containing nerve gas. Medusa obtained the antidote but had gotten into an accidental battle with Spider-Man who was also trying to get it to help a little boy. Both the boy and Falzon were saved and he diffused the bomb.[8]

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