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The FanatiX were a terrorist/mercenary group from the futuristic timeline that Bishop originates from. They attacked a high profile fundraiser put on by Jerome J. Knox, meant to promote peace among humans and mutants. The X.S.E. sent their Omega Squad (consisting of Bishop, Shard, Randal and Malcolm) to stop them. During the fight that ensued Kali, Dogface and Visigoth were killed. Hardball and Razorback are apprehended while Pulsar and Shadowbox escape. After the fight Jerome Knox is killed by Randal, for unknown reasons. Randal is arrested but then escapes when Shadowbox and Pulsar breakout Hardball and Razorback. While being held captive by the FanatiX Randal finds out that Rook has the ability to temporarily possess others, and this was how she made Randal kill Knox. She could also control Life Model Decoys (organic clones) of other people and then assumes the appearance of Bishop. At the unveiling of the new Statue of Liberty the remaining FanatiX attack and destroy it as well as any humans at the event. Posing as Bishop the Rook reveals herself on national television thus framing Bishop. In the Rooks final stage she takes the form of Hecate the leader of the X.S.E. Agency, to kill Selden Seymour who wants to hunt down mutants using new Sentinels. Randal persuades Pulsar to quit the Fanatix and betray the Rook. When Bishop comes to free Randal the Rook kills Pulsar for his betrayal and escapes with Shadowbox, whom she also kills. Bishop then destroys all the remaining Life Model Decoys forcing the Rook to return to her original body. She is in fact Jimmy Knox the young son of the former Jerome J. Knox. He was arrested and the current status of any remaining FanatiX is unknown.



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