According to jungle lore, Fang is a snake that goes out in the jungle to bite as many victims as possible once every 10 years. If true or not didn't make Fang any less dangerous. In 1954 the snake surfaced, biting various people and animals in the jungle the snakes venom driving them mad. Among the victims included jungle explorer Greg Knight friend of adventurer Lorna the Jungle Girl. With the poison threatening to kill Greg in three hours, Lorna tracked down and killed Fang so that her native friend M'Tuba could fashion an anti-venom to cure Greg.


  • According to jungle lore, Fang the snake did not require to eat, only needing to bite his victims to spread its poison. Once it had bitten enough victims Fang apparently went into a state of hibernation that would last a decade, apparently keeping the snake alive and vital for many generations. These claims cannot be verified.
  • However, what can be verified is the fact that Fang's venom drives those bitten into a fit of insane rage which causes the victims to lash out at any living thing. Those bitten by Fang have about three hours to live before the poison in their system kills them. The only known cure is an antivenom made from Fang's own venom.

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