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Quote1.png By my will, shall you die...within the Fangs of Farallah! Quote2.png
Baron Mordo[src]

The Fangs of Farallah was a spell to summon the powerful maw of Farallah of the Hunt to trap targets.[2]


The Fangs of Farallah was cast by the Silver Dagger to stop the Eye of Agamotto from warning it's master.[2]

When a N'Garai attack Clea, Doctor Strange summoned the fearsome Fangs of Farallah to counter-attack and free her.[1]

During a sorcerers duel, Baron Mordo used the Fangs of Farallah to attack Doctor Strange.[3]

When Doctor Strange was being attacked by the Black Knight, he used a combination of the Winds of Watoomb and the Fangs of Farallah to subdue him.[4]

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