Fantasia was a Dire Wraith, presumably arriving on Earth at some time during the Wraith War against Rom, the Spaceknight. She suffered amnesia and forgot her true form and mission. Under unrevealed circumstances, she came to use the magical powers she still possessed as an agent of the Soviet people.

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Human form

As part of the Supreme Soviets, Fantasia used her abilities to disguise the team as the Avengers. While doing so they attacked the Soviet Super-Soldiers. Captain America was drawn into the conflict, and ended up saving Fantasia from a beast.[2]

As Fantasma, she was part of the People's Protectorate when the Supreme Soviets were renamed after the fall of the USSR.[3] The Protectorate battled the Combine and the Peace Corpse.[4] She also fought the Hulk and the Pantheon while trying to recover a renegade KGB agent from America.[5] Fantasma was later seen as part of the Winter Guard as they battled the Mandarin and his Dragon of Heaven.[6]

Later, Fantasma regained her full memories and revealed herself to be a Dire Wraith.[7]


Fantasia is skilled in magic, especially in the use of illusions. She has also shown the ability to fly and certain mental abilities.

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