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When the Fantastic Four, Avengers and Doctor Doom seemingly sacrificed their lives to stop the psychic entity known as Onslught,[1] Franklin Richards (the son of the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman) used his mutant powers to save their lives by transferring them to a pocket dimension later called Counter-Earth. There the heroes and their allies, as well as Doom, lived variations of their past lives.[2] Not long after the group was "founded" on Counter-Earth, Mister Fantastic constructed this version of the Fantasti-Car for personal travel. Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman first flew the new Fantasti-Car to Wakanda on their "first meeting" with the Black Panther.[3] When the Fantastic Four later returned to their native dimension,[4] they left this Fantasti-Car behind. The vehicle was later commandeered by a group calling themselves the Remnants -- consisting of heroes whose powers derived from the remnants left behind by the exodus of heroes from Counter-Earth -- the group used the craft in their battle against their former leader, the Swordsman.[5]

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